EEG Recording Frontend Circuitry for Epileptic Seizure Detection Headband

Yu-Jui Chen1, Yu-Shan Lin1, Herming Chiueh1

  • 1National Chiao Tung University



Contributed 4-Page Papers (Poster)


12:00 - 14:00 | Thu 10 Nov | Maya Ballroom Foyer | ThPO

HI-POCT Poster Session and POC Technologies Demonstrations


Epilepsy is a common neural disorder disease; about 1.7% of the global population has epilepsy. Most patients use antiepileptic drugs to reduce their seizures. Among them, nearly one-third of the patients are drug resistant epilepsy. The alternative treatment is the resection surgery of removing the epileptogenic zone. However, all above patients will still have some seizures, which will influence the patients' quality-of-life, and further introduce danger and inconvenience to patients and people around. This paper presents a design and development of a frontend circuitry in EEG reading for a smart epileptic seizure detection headband. The headband will consist of a textile headband with printed-circuit-board (PCB) inside, and textiled electrodes on it. The PCB includes following circuits: an electroencephalography (EEG) recorder, an epileptic seizure detector circuit, and a Bluetooth transmitter. The analog frontend circuit of EEG recording circuits and its prototype with system integration will be present in this paper. The result of designed circuits yields a compact and low-power design for EEG recording which is suitable for wearable headband designs.

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