Development of the VitalFlow® Magnetic Facial Nerve Stimulator as an Emergency Treatment for Stroke

Emilio Sacristan1, Mark Borsody2

  • 1Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana
  • 2Nervive, Inc.



Contributed 4-Page Papers (Oral)


09:30 - 10:45 | Thu 10 Nov | Maya IV - V | ThV-PS

Panel Session VI – Global Healthcare and POC Technologies


Magnetic stimulation of the facial nerve has been shown to dilate cerebral arteries and increase cerebral blood flow. We began proof-of-concept testing of a magnetic stimulator as an early clinical treatment for stroke in 2010. In 2014 we founded Nervive, Inc., to develop a commercial clinical device we called the VitalFlow stimulator, which is currently undergoing clinical trials under FDA oversight for a PMA approval. The VitalFlow story is presented as a case study in moving discovery from bench to market, and how regulatory and funding considerations influence the R&D process.

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