Human-Centered Design of Internet of Things for Safer Response to Epidemics

Taskin Padir1, Murphy Wonsick1, Velin Dimitrov

  • 1Northeastern University



Research Abstracts (Oral)


14:00 - 15:00 | Wed 26 Oct | Main Auditorium | WeCT1

Technical Session 3: Innovations in Tools for Health Care


Our work is aimed designing and validating a human-in-the-loop medical IoT for monitoring patients, insuring compliance with relevant safety protocols, and collecting data for advancing research on infectious disease control with the use of technologies. We are developing a system composed of a connected sensor network and a remotely operated mobile robot platform for telemedicine. Based on our research expedition to Liberia, we posit that medical IoT technologies will have a positive impact on the efficiency, accuracy, and completeness of the operational principles of field clinics resulting in increased safety for patients and caregivers.

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