Cuffless Evaluation of Pulse Pressure with Arterial Compliance Probe

Jayaraj Joseph, Nabeel Pm, Mohanasankar Sivaprakasam



Minisymposia Lectures


08:00 - 09:30 | Wed 17 Aug | Grand Republic A | WeAT16

Recent Advances on Cuff-Less Blood Pressure Measurement Technology I


We present an arterial compliance probe for calibration-free cuffless evaluation of blood pulse pressure. The probe uses dual magnetic plethysmograph sensors for local pulse wave velocity (PWV) measurement and an ultrasound sensor for real time arterial dimension evaluation to enable calculation of pulse pressure from direct arterial measurements. The principle of measurement was verified using arterial flow phantom in comparison with an invasive pressure catheter. The functionality of the compliance probe was verified by in-vivo study on 10 volunteers which demonstrated positive correlation between measured carotid and brachial pulse pressure.

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