Simulations and Design of Microfabricated Interdigitated Electrodes for use in a Gold Nanoparticle Enhanced Biosensor

Peter Hermansen1, Scott MacKay1, David Wishart1, Jie Chen1

  • 1University of Alberta



Invited Lectures


Micro/Nano-bioengineering; Cellular/Tissue Engineering & Biomaterials


08:00 - 09:30 | Wed 17 Aug | Sorcerers Apprentice 3 | WeAT15

Micro/Nanofabricated Devices for Biomedical Sensing and Diagnostics


Microfabricated interdigitated electrode chips have been designed for use in a unique gold-nanoparticle based biosensor system. The use of these electrodes will allow for simple, accurate, inexpensive, and portable biosensing, with potential applications in diagnostics, medical research, and environmental testing. To determine the optimal design for these electrodes, finite element analysis simulations were carried out using COMSOL Multiphysics software. The results of these simulations determined some of the optimal design parameters for microfabricating interdigitated electrodes as well as predicting the effects of different electrode materials. Finally, based on the results of these simulations two different kinds of interdigitated electrode chips were made using photolithography.

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