MOSIC: A new ordering for OSIC MIMO detection

Mostafa Medra1, Khaled E. Ahmed, Timothy Davidson1

  • 1McMaster University



Technical Session: Poster


Signal Processing for Wireless Communications


11:30 - 12:45 | Wed 6 Jul | Pentland A | R9

MIMO 1: Beamforming, Precoding and Transceiver Designs of MIMO systems


Ordered successive interference cancellation (OSIC) is a well-established detection strategy for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems. It offers good performance and has an efficient hardware implementation. Typically, the order in which the symbols are detected is based on the channel matrix and the noise statistics. In this paper, a modified ordering scheme that makes use of the information in the received signal is developed, and it is shown that this ordering provides a lower bit error rate. The proposed algorithm can be implemented in hardware as efficiently as the conventional OSIC algorithms and the results from a preliminary VLSI layout are included.

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