Extensions of the Binaural MWF with Interference Reduction Preserving the Binaural Cues of the Interfering Source

Daniel Marquardt1, Elior Hadad2, Sharon Gannot2, Simon Doclo3

  • 1University of Oldenburg
  • 2Bar-Ilan University
  • 3Universität Oldenburg



Technical Session: Poster


Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing


13:30 - 15:30 | Tue 22 Mar | Poster Area C | AASP-P1

Hearing Aids and Environmental Sound Recognition

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Recently, an extension of the binaural multichannel Wiener filter (BMWF), referred to as BMWF-IR0, was presented in which an interference rejection constraint was added to the BMWF cost function. Although the BMWF-IR_0 aims to entirely suppress the interfering source, residual interfering sources (as well as unconstrained noise sources) are undesirably perceived as impinging the array from the desired source direction. In this paper, we propose two extensions of the BMWF-IR_0 that address this issue by preserving the spatial impression of the interfering source. In the first extension, the binaural cues of the interfering source are preserved, while those of the desired source may be slightly distorted. In the second extension, the binaural cues of both the desired and interfering sources are preserved. Simulation results show that the noise reduction performance of both proposed extensions is comparable to the BMWF-IR_0.

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