DASH Video Streaming in the New Era of Cloud and Mobile Environments: Challenges and Solutions

Chang Wen Chen

10:00 - 11:00 | Monday 14 December 2015 | Diamond


Streaming video content over HTTP, and consequently, via TCP, has become one of the popular techniques for consumer entertainment in the past decade. Early deployments of HTTP streaming are based on the client-server model, in which the client opens a TCP connection to a video server and progressively downloads the video content. The adaptive HTTP streaming solutions such as DASH require the clients to feedback bandwidth information to the server to modify the streaming session on-demand to maximize the streaming performance. In the new era of cloud mobile media, two paradigm shifting changes have occurred in which the video servers are now located in the cloud at one end while the clients use the mobile devices to access and view the video content at the other end. These two fundamental changes pose significant challenges because (1) adaptive HTTP streaming now needs to assemble video contents from multiple servers in the cloud, and (2) the traditional client-server model does not work for mobile device users whose connection to the cloud-based video servers is centrally controlled by the wireless access networks. In this talk, several challenging technical issues and corresponding solutions will be illustrated. It will be demonstrated that innovative techniques can be designed to resolve these challenging issues and achieve much improved streaming performance in the new era of cloud mobile media.